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With a team of experienced ELO Boosters who are ranked at Immortal/Radiant consistently, we supply our customers with the most satisfaction Boosting service. We are also one of the few safe Elo boosting Sites. Valorant, unlike other games, has a Special rank system in place where you don't only get Elo for winning but for your Gameplay as well that's why we exclusively employ boosters that have tons of experience in Valorant as well as other FPS games like CS:GO or Overwatch so you can get the Fastest and Best Boosting Experience.




Valorant Boosting offers its users several advantages. One of the main advantages of Valorant Boosting is the way Rank in Valorant works. In Valorant you can achieve an extremely fast rank increase by obtaining a lot of MVP witch our Highly professional Boosters will achieve in no time.


Our Coaches analyze your gameplay and will show you your mistakes so you can avoid them in the future. They also help you understand the objective of the game better, how to work towards a victory, and becoming a better player.


Looking for a fresh Valorant Account for a good Prince? Then it might be time you purchased a Valorant account of your own here at RDX-Games! Act now so you can finally reach the rank that you want—together with some nifty skins or some other rare items.


01/ Login using the button in the top right corner.

02/ Select one of the three services from above.

03/ Enter your order details and required information.

04/ Select your payment method and click buy.
Enter the same email address that you used for your RDX-Games account.

05/ In the members area you can track your order, spectate, pause or chat live with your booster!

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Our boosters will be notified instantly through discord,
so they can start processing your order in no time.


We provide a fast, cheap, and reliable boost.
We have a system for boosters, which allows us to start all orders immediately after purchase.
Unlike other boosting services we use a VPN Protection so Riot doesn't notice that there is someone else playing from a different IP-Address.
You can also track your order extremely easily due to our Order tracking system.
Our boosters are the best of the best, we only employ high elo boosters with a ton of experience in Valorant and often games like CS:GO as well.
Some boosters have a professional or semi-professional e-sport carrier.
In case you decide to use our service on multiple occasions we also have a loyalty program in place with rewards users with discounts on their orders.


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